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Staff at El Parian in Fresno, CA sprang into action when a woman gave birth unexpectedly.

Paramedics showed up in time to bring the baby to the hospital.

I think they can never be too sure about a girl ...

I was told it's 80% likely to be a girl at my 24/ 30 wk scan...

This is in accordance with the laws of quantum mechanics, which allow very small particles to exist in multiple 'superposition' states until they are observed or disturbed.

In a similar way, a coin spun in the air cannot be said to occupy a 'heads' or 'tails' state until it is caught.

We will be able to do certain things we could never even dream of before.'Once built, researchers say the computer's capabilities mean it 'would have the potential to answer many questions in science; create new, lifesaving medicines; solve the most mind-boggling scientific problems; unravel the yet unknown mysteries of the furthest reaches of deepest space; and solve some problems that an ordinary computer would take billions of years to compute.' To create the 2D sheet, researchers used sticky tape to shave a monolayer off the 3D crystal form of chromium triiodide.'Using Scotch tape to exfoliate a monolayer from its 3-D bulk crystal is surprisingly effective,' said co-lead author at the University of Washington and doctoral student Genevieve Clark.'This simple, low-cost technique was first used to obtain graphene, the 2-D form of graphite, and has been used successfully since then with other materials', he said.

Researchers say these 2D monolayers offer exciting opportunities to study drastic new forms of magnetism.

If you don't, it could be a girl, or a boy in a difficult position.

While a classical computer has 'bits' made up of zeros and ones, a quantum computer has 'qubits' which can take on the value of zero or one or both simultaneously.

Researchers from the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered magnetism in a single atomic layer which could lead to incredible new forms of data storage and technology.

Dramatic body cam footage shows Milwaukee police officers Nicholas Schlei and Nicholas Reid running towards the flames of a burning car to save the lives of three teenage boys.

The two will be nominated for a Milwaukee Police Department Merit Award.

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